Monday, March 31, 2008

Battle for 6th

First of all, losing games against your top two hated rivals on back to back nights where you had a chance to: a) basically sew up the division and; b)basically kill those rivals' playoff hopes, does not bide well for your playoff chances.

With the division all but out of Calgary's hands due to them crapping the bed against their two biggest rivals, the race is on to finish 6th and face the almost assuredly Minnesota's (2 points for them or the Flames missing two, and only point for them or the Avs missing one gets it done). As I stated last week, the Flames match up best against them, and at this point are the only team I think that Calgary stands a chancde of advancing against in the first round. However, if that does happen and the Flames advance, all bets are off for two reasons. One is that this team plays much better when they are confident and winnign a series does that for a team. Second, and almost as important is that since 1986 any time the Flames have won a first round series, they have gone to the Stanley Cup finals. Granted that's only 3 times, but still impressive nonetheless.

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