Thursday, August 07, 2008

Charity Event in London Ontario

The recent London Knights alumni had a skills competition and 4 on 4 game here tonight. Why am I telling you about it you ask? Well, Rick Nash and Marc Methot of the Blue Jackets and Brandon Prust of the Flames were involved.

Here's a list of the 25 players who were there, and their current affiliations, just to show you the kind players that the Knights seem to always find and develop:

Rick Nash - CBJ
Corey Perry - Anaheim
Patrick Kane - Chicago
Sam Gagner - Edmonton
Chris Kelly - Ottawa
Dan Girardi - NYR
Dennis Wideman - Boston
Brandon Prust - Calgary
Kyle Quincey - Detroit
Marc Methot - Ottawa
Chris Kelly - Ottawa
Krys Barch - Dallas
Dan Jancevski - Dallas
David Bolland - Chicago
Rob Schremp - Edmonton
Adam Dennis - Buffalo
Bryan Rodney - Carolina
Alex Henry - Montreal
Gerald Coleman - Anaheim
Danny Syvret - Philadelphia
Dylan Hunter - Buffalo
Drew Larman - Florida
Rob Drummond - signed with Lake Erie, is property of Colorado
Trevor Kell - drafted by Chicago, playing in the ECHL
A.J. Perry - free agent, been to 3 NHL camps, played in Memorial Cup this past year )Corey's brother)

The night started off with a skills competition. Rick Nash was captaining Team White and raced in the relay race. Basically just a sprint down the ice and through pylons on the way back. Nas has great agility but as we all know he is not the fastest skater. He didn't hurt his team as they won.

Nash looks even bigger. The guy is ripped.

Marc Methot was involved in the hardest shot and finished around 4th or 5th. Dan Girardi won with a shot at 150km/h or just over 93MPH. Dennis Wideman was 2nd.

Brandon Prust looked faster than I've ever seen him in the relay, bodes well since he signed a two year, one way deal with the Flames. He also scored two beauties in the 4 on 4.

The 4 on 4 game was about what you'd expect. Team Black won 16-8 in two 30 minute non stop time periods. Nash played hard for the first period, but "played D" the rest of the night, basically floating around and pretending to care about stopping the oncoming 3 on 1.

Some other notes:

- former Wild captain (who hasn't been a Wild captain) Alex Henry scored two of his teams 3 goals (the goalies were awesome), including one after captain Rick Nash chose him to go first in sudden death, LOL.

- Rob Schremp still has awesome moves but still will never be more than a tease. I called this long before he was drafted in junior. A few things I noticed. Every player came out and stretched out and looked like they were preparing for hockey, Schremp was off in one zone practising his lacrosse move. He took slapshots from the hash marks in the 4 on 4 which I'm sure the goalies loved. He's still a hotdog. So glad the Flames did not draft this clown.

- I wish Patrick Kane and Sam Gagner could have played one more year together in London, or at least end up on the same team sometime in their career. These two are unbelievable together. Sam Gagner, as much as I'll hate it, Gagner is going to be a star.

- Danny Syvret should get a shot in Philly. The guy just knows how to play. Not sure why he didn't get much of a shot in Mulletville (Edmonton).

- Wings fans should enjoy Kyle Quincey for years to come.

- Adam Dennis was outstanding in net, Gerald Coleman, not so much. Who is Buffalo's back-up? Dennis may get a shot this year.

- Chris Kelly is fast! I honestly never realized that he has played 243 games in the NHL already. Wow.

- I miss hockey