Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jackets equal NHL record

Similar to Crash Davis setting the record for career home runs in the minor leagues, last night the Jackets equaled the post-expansion, dubious NHL record of being shutout 14 times in a season, tying the 69-70 Penguins, and the 00-01 Wild. One more shutout, and the Jackets can have that record all to themselves.

The Jackets have 14 games to manage at least a goal in to keep themselves from owning the record all to themselves. (Facing the Preds in Nashville tonight could set the mark quickly, hasn't been a good season going up against the Preds, as the Jackets 0-6-1 record will attest.) But, the way this season has gone, it's only a matter of time before Ricky and the boys fail to net a goal in a game. Would somehow be a fitting, final kick in the teeth for this season...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Holy underwear!

The Jackets went and won their second game in Dallas this season...unpossible!

For all the downers this season, getting two wins in Dallas, where I don't think they'd won prior to this season, is a step in the right direction. They stepped up and played a solid game. With four guys from the Crunch out there all night, and Footer going down early, they played a good game.

I know Zherdev has taken some heat of late, and rightfully so, but I think he was our best player hands down late in the third and into OT. Once he decides to do this stuff night in and night out, it'll be a lot more fun to watch this team.