Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carter traded yet?

After sitting through yet another joyful Jackets game where about three of them showed up, I am wondering why Anson Carter hasn't been traded to any where else for two pucks and a roll of tape. (Hey, they raised the price of tape at the Chillers to $5 a roll, trading him for a roll would be a steal!) He hasn't been apparent on the ice in weeks. He's been on the fourth line since mid-January, and he's been ineffective for pretty much the whole season. OK, the whole team has been ineffective, but Anson has taken it to a new level.

The kick in the bag for me tonight was seeing him in a 2 on 1, with Chimera I believe. Chimmer breaks to the middle, Anson up the left wing. Jason gets the puck to AC in the neutral zone, Anson gets into the Oilers zone and takes one stride. That's it, a 2 on 1 and the guy takes one effin' stride inside the zone. Great way to drive to the net...coasting like week 2 in a learn to skate class, feet shoulder width apart.

For holding such promise early in the year, he hasn't worked hard since long before Christmas. After all, the guy's got 3 goals since Christmas, and 3 whole points in February.

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