Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ryan Smyth moves back DOWN the list...

Two posts...and several months ago I blogged that Ryan Smyth was such a pain in the ass that he moved up my list around Bert and into rarified air occupied only by Sean Avery and Kirk Maltby.

Well, having just sat through a rather enjoyable game 6 of the Finals, I've come to the conclusion that I am WAY wrong about Smyth...he doesn't belong on the same page with Avery and Maltby, he doesn't even belong in the same book. Hell, he should be in a different library from those two because this guy would do anything in his power to win a hockey game. If removing his right arm and beating a defenseman with it would give the Oilers a scoring chance, I believe Smyth would do it.

Over the season I got to see a lot of the Oilers, and enjoyed watching them. This team moves up the ice without regard for their own bodies, let alone their opponents. I might be one of the few people outside of Edmonton not surprised by their run through the playoffs.

But, during those games I never thought much of Smyth, even though the guy was a major piece of their team. But in the playoffs, I've been enamoured with the guy. He'll do anything to get a goal, to win a game, and on Monday a chance win the Cup.

Now, next fall I'll probably be right back to screaming for somebody, ANYBODY to get Smyth out of the way, but for now I've got to give the guy the credit he's due.

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