Monday, October 17, 2005

Where does it stop?

No, not the losing...although it would be nice if that stopped soon, too.

But, the injury bug, when will it move on to a different team? First Ricky, then Rusty, then Brule, and now Fritsche. Awkward fall, carried off the ice...rumor has it it's his ankle. How long do we lose THIS guy who was playing well and figured into the Jackets success? 4 weeks? 6? 8? Good thing we have all these spare forwards at the moment. But, Fritsche's fire will be missed...

Hopefully four days off does the Jackets some good. Staring at a homestand that starts with a Sharks team that just tore them limb for limb, two games against the always tough and division leading Wings, followed by a game with the currently unbeaten Preds isn't much of a run to "get well" against.

While we're asking "where does it stop," next on the list is the parade to the penalty box...where does THAT stop? Killing 12 minutes of penalties in a period has happened too many times for it to just be coincidence. These guys need to start moving the feet and get in position - hooking, holding, and interference are on the box score way too often. Just because the penalty is working pretty well doesn't mean we have to "showcase" it every game.


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