Thursday, October 06, 2005

0-1 Because of 0-fer 9

Wow, what can be said about the Blue Jackets power play last night in Washington? Nothing, really, because that's what it produced. No goals and barely even any shots on goal. At one point the Jackets had 3 power play shots in 7 power play opportunities. 3 shots in (roughly) 14 minutes of power play time? Ouch.

Conversely, 5 on 5 the Jackets looked great. Possibly as good as they ever have. Great puck possession, good passing, good cycling, just an all around solid 5 on 5 performance. Why, then, couldn't they do that same stuff with an extra player?

Other than the power play, the game wasn't that bad of a debut for the Jackets. Dan Fritsche proved he should be on the roster, and possibly be centering Nash and Vyborny some time late next week. Nash proved his ankle needed a little more rest. (Rest it Friday, too,'s a long season.) Zherdev continued to prove he thinks there's an i in team...must be lost in the translation. He showed flashes of genius, as always, but the total lack of effort is troubling. He needs to go to the Dan Fritsche "This is how you move your feet" school.

Another source of learning for Zherdev was on the other bench in his countryman Alexander Ovechkin. WOW is about all that you can use to describe this guy. While the media is still swooning over everything Crosby (and his one assist in the Devs PASTING of the Pens), Ovechkin has quietly been overlooked. That's not going to last long, he's the best player the Caps have on the ice right now. He'll need some help because it's a long season, but he's the real deal.

One other note: Not a huge fan of the shootout (for the "individual" reasons behind it), but glad to see Dany Heatley officially win the first shootout in NHL history last night. Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

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