Friday, February 18, 2005

So, Skip hates hockey

Skip Bayless has decided to inform us in his column on ESPN's Page 2 that he hates hockey. Goes into great detail why he hates hockey.

The article brought a question to mind: If you hate it so much, Skip, why spend a substantial portion of your day (or week), and three pages of space on the 'Net telling us about it? I mean, c'mon, Skipper, take your own advice and don't pay attention to it. (On that note, the NHL is making that pretty easy for you at the moment.)

Over the last 6 months, I've heard and read from a lot of people on how much they dislike hockey, how they don't miss it, how they don't know it's gone, and don't care if it comes back. Well, GOOD FOR YOU PEOPLE!! Me, and other hockey fans like me, aren't going to miss you and probably never realized you didn't care to begin with. It would be like me going on a 5 page rant about the NBA...I don't like it and don't watch it, but that doesn't mean some NBA fan out there doesn't enjoy his favorite sport.

Now, with rumors of meetings to save the season, that means a whole new round of Skip-esque articles on how hockey screwed up by cancelling then (hypothetically) uncancelling the season. I can hardly wait, because if those articles start it means that Skip can once again be annoyed by hockey, and I'll have my NHL back.

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JC said...

I can't wait for all those 'Why did you cancel the season?' articles.

For as much as I loathe Bettman, you've got to admit that cancelling the season is a negotiating ploy that no other commisioner has had the balls to do. Seems like a pretty calculated risk he was willing to take.