Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Is Hockey Dead?

In a word, no.

Yes, here we are, February 15th, 2005 - the day the NHL died - but that's it, the NHL died. Hockey, the great sport that it is, is still alive and well in spite of the stewards of its highest level treating it like a toilet after a night of draft beer and White Castles. Sign number one that hockey is alive: My son's mini-mite practice tomorrow night at 6:00 was not cancelled today at 1PM, and the CMMPA (Columbus Mini-Mite Players Association) did not offer a rebuttal at 4PM.

Seriously, I'm a hockey zealot, it's true, but the game itself will survive, it has to. The NCAA playoffs aren't too far off - they weren't cancelled. Next Tuesday will mark the 25th anniversary of the US beating the Soviets in Lake Placid - it won't be cancelled. The Calder Cup will be handed out to the AHL champion, the Memorial Cup will go to the Major Junior champion - neither of them cancelled.

Just because the NHL and the NHLPA are too stubborn/greedy/shortsighted to allow hockey to thrive at its highest level doesn't mean the death of the game. True, it won't help, but Andrew Schembri at Ohio State, Dan Fritsche of the London Knights, every kid in the Junior Jackets Mini-Mite program, and those like them lacing 'em up for the thrill and love of the game will make sure the sport of hockey keeps its pulse.


PacknCanes said...

You're blogging now?? Dear God, there are so many unintended consequences of a lack of hockey, aren't there?

You may want to take a look at Damien Cox's column in the Toronto Star today. He pretty much agrees with you, and so do I. The game will go on; it can't not do so. It's just going to carry on in a new world order.

hegemo said...

Everyone's always just trying to copy me. Sigh...


Rick said...

I don't think hockey is dead, either. What worries me is what the NHL will look like when this bloodletting is over. I guess I like the idea of parity, since that could allow our Blue Jackets to compete with the current big spending teams. That's assuming that DMGM does his job correctly.