Friday, June 20, 2008

Big Night for the Jackets

One year ago today, I was downtown at the R-Bar getting ready to go into a packed Nationwide Arena and watch brand new GM Scott Howson stride to the podium. It was the beginning of the change that we're all thirsting for in Columbus.

Now, a year later, Scott has positioned himself nicely to make a big change. Two first round picks to work with, and maybe even a couple of players to move. Tomorrow is here for us, and barring big moves on July 1, tonight could be the single biggest day in Columbus NHL history since Bettman stood downtown and awarded us the franchise.

Personally, I'm more excited for this draft than I was the one a year ago. So much could change for us tonight. Stay tuned in Jacketland!

1 comment:

Jeff Blankenburg said...

Looking forward to seeing what pans out. I might have to start getting excited about the CBJ.