Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Better on ice expansion...

As with the NHL, we saw fit to expand here at Better on Ice. I'm sure the debate will rage on if we expanded too much and diluted the talent, or if we expanded to poor markets. I think we can address those issues now.

Talent dilution...um, well, probably not. I'd like to think I had talent to dilute, but I think the first two additions to the blog will add a little something. Zukes has already made himself known, and Sea should follow soon.

It is possible we expanded to the wrong markets...afterall I'm adding a Flames fan who lives in London and a Canucks fan who lives in Calgary. So, clearly we have some market identification issues.

But, the reasoning behind the expansion was to get some more voices on here. Some non-Blue Jacket voices at that. Get a little more overall hockey going, and I'm sure some good natured ribbing about the Flames and Canucks looking up the standings at the Jackets.


Anonymous said...

Expansion - bah. Nothing good can ever come from expansion.



Truth Serum said...

How much were your expansion fees?

Mel V said...

I will grace you guys with knowledge droppings shortly. In Ontario at the moment (land of the suckiest team of sucks that ever sucked), but will be home with time to blog shortly.


Sarah said...

Move CSiC to Winnipeg and zukes to Quebec City!

Anonymous said...

"In Ontario at the moment (land of the suckiest team of sucks that ever sucked),"

I won't tell QS that you said that about her team.