Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ryan Smyth moves up the list

Since the Jackets have a rare weekend off, I'm taking in the Oilers again after just watching the Jackets take them in an shootout on Thursday. Tonight they have the Canucks in Edmonton, and so far its entertaining. (Way more entertaining than the Wild and Coyotes...somewhere there's paint drying more exciting than that game.)

So, Ryan Smyth has a redirect goal doing what he does best...standing in/on the crease and annoying the goalie. He did it all night to Denis on Thursday, and did enough of it to Anaheim last week that Giguere drew a couple penalty minutes for chasing him down and smaking him with his glove.

As such, I have determined that Ryan Smyth has now surpassed Bertuzzi on my top three most hated players list. No threat of the top two going anywhere...Sean Avery and Kirk Maltby have those two spots locked up until they decide to quit playing. But slot number three is now Smyth's. Was Bert's, but Bert has pretty much lost the edge that got him there, and Smyth is about to don the Red and White of Canada and annoy me even more in the next few weeks.

So, Ryan, welcome to the top!

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